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I met Francisco from early on in life. He was a funky family friend - walking into my house I could never guess what he would be wearing or what phase he would be going through. His cool was effortless and when he stopped by, I remember thinking: what is this guy up to now?  Francisco’s journey did not disappoint, and his lisp continues to be the first thing you notice about him. Many good times shared, and he continues to be an all-time favorite for me. 


Francisco Tavoni is born in Venezuela and lives in Australia, both places being important influences in his artwork. Black and red are the central colors in his photographic images and recall the Avila mountains in his hometown while the dotted patterns created by the fabric overlays share a symbolism seen in the Aboriginal paintings of Australia.


His themes are human forms interacting in a way that is free, shown by photographing silhouettes behind fabric so the ‘characters’ are both free from their exact identity and from being identified. I love how Francisco’s aesthetic is minimal, life size and camouflaged, drawing all focus to the action and interaction of his subjects. 



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