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I was born in Caracas Venezuela in 1998 where I spent my early years and moved to St Barth when I was thirteen. Living in the Caribbean, I could sense an optimism in creating the world I wanted - because it helped me question everything and kept me in flow with the newness to be found even in the tiniest of places. I realized that to have possibilities in life and grow as a person I would need to discover the world in all its expansiveness. This encouraged me to explore and seek perspectives that would defy my own. 


Since an early age, I manifested a self-proclaimed curiosity to see beyond, to learn, to understand and to conquer new realities. This curiosity led to an innate calling to move around. Today I speak four languages and see the world uniquely. My first encounter with art in a personal way was through my oldest brother’s Alexander Mignot artistic journey. His creative impulse and my closeness to it - inspired me to dig deeper into the fascinating world of discovering underground and emerging talent. 


When I work with an artist, I don’t only believe in what they create, I believe in them as a person. Art is a deeply personal experience, and I am proud to share the work of my colleagues, family and friends with you, from the colors of Andres’s Op Art paintings to my brother Alexander’s expressive paintings to Francisco Rivas’ colorful explorations to Francisco’s Tavoni’s photographic bodies to Pedro’s surreal mastery and to Ivan’s raw material constructions. 


With SIMON’S my biggest aim is to showcase the artist’s work from a different perspective: up-close and personal. I am hoping to disrupt an otherwise uptight transaction by sharing with you real stories of the artists who have so easily impacted me. I will continue to move around and meet new faces.


Stick around,



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