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Alexander Mignot is my older brother. He was born in Montreal, raised in Venezuela, and ended up living on a sailboat in the Caribbean. After 5 years of Caribbean living, he decided to travel to Europe and settle in Lisbon, Portugal. This is where his art journey really began. I always felt Alex had something in him that he had not yet discovered… until he eventually did. Now, finding a deep connection with art is something he is most thankful for.  


Today he is 37 years old and a full-time painter with two studio spaces and his work is supported by international collectors. His style expresses his own vibrant approach to life and his free spirit has cultivated a unique eye.  I believe his ability to play with color and his energetic expressions of portraits, places, flowers, and more, has made his work so successful. He has been my introduction to many artists and a brother in life and art.



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