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Andres is also a longtime family friend who I discovered personally as a big party guy later in life when I was allowed to do so. His vibe speaks volumes of him before he enters any room, and I could swear his work is all about movement - which makes sense because you should see him on the dance floor.


Andres is a true character, and his love for life, parties and fun shows through in his dynamic and bold artwork. His paintings are a testament to Op Art, specifically the lines and shapes of Venezuelan master Jesus Soto, and embody the same ideas of movement and perspective. Andres combines this approach with his own contemporary themes, vast colors, and perspective.  He uses black and white as base tones often juxtaposed with primary tones, red, yellow, and blue to lend the work a dynamic quality. Then he uses unexpected shapes and unusual canvas sizes and presentations to render a three-dimensional quality to each work, often offering a new reading of the scene from multiple vantage points. I’ve always felt like Andres’s work lies between relief, sculpture, and painting, using the classic trompe l’ oiel or trick of the eye effect in interesting ways to takes us out of our comfort zone. 





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