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Francisco was the guarantor for my first apartment ever, and with that I discovered his artistic inclinations.  We met in Portugal, and I’ve been witnessing his work become significantly incredible. A friend to most and a family guy who continues to explore life and his passions - I am super excited and lucky to be working with him. A true people person. I know his career is going places. 


Francisco Rivas has painted most of his life, starting in his hometown Caracas in Venezuela when he was young, and debuting his first exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal in 2020 where he now lives. I fell in love with his paintings for their child-like spontaneity, bold lines and bright colors that recall the playfulness in the paintings of Jean Michel Basquiat.


However, in addition to being spontaneous, Francisco is interested in thoughtfully reflecting society, specifically found within Latin culture: from portraits of social repression and injustice; to yellow colors of summer; to the blues of the ocean; and reds of dance and flavorful food. His paintings are at once intuitive and considered.  



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