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Juan Carlos_edited.jpg

Juan Carlos, a buddy from the Venezuelan roots,  I recently reconnected with him in Portugal after losing touch. Checking out his work in person was a game-changer, seeing how each piece is like a highlight reel of his life adventures. As his friend, I'm genuinely stoked to hype up and showcase his creative journey.

Juan Carlos Gerbasi, a Venezuelan artist weaving his story across European cities, draws from a diverse tapestry of experiences. From illustrating in Venezuela to sculptor assistant gigs in Spain, embracing construction in Germany, and crafting surfboards on the side in Portugal, his canvas mirrors this eclectic journey. 

Infused with low brow aesthetics, skateboarding culture, and urban life, Gerbasi's visual language flirts with minimalism, diluting individualism into something observed from a distance—where details blur, challenging the notion that if everyone is special, perhaps no one truly is. Born in Venezuela, his art echoes the whispers of his nomadic narrative.



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